ReDeadstock?! What?!

Ok, let me start off by explaining. Deadstock or “DS” is a popular term now referred to by sneaker enthusiasts, describing a pair of sneakers that are brand new, never worn, and still factory laced.

A sneaker that is considered “DS” is in perfect condition without any flaws or signs of wear. Originally, deadstock literally meant the stock was dead, and the sneaker was no longer available for purchase through retailers. It had nothing to do with condition. Now it does.

So “ReDeadstock” was coined, defined as the process of bringing your sneakers as close to deadstock condition, as possible. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like that feeling of putting on a fresh pair of sneakers.

ReDeadstock was founded in 2014, but we have been sneaker enthusiasts, cleaning our kicks since the 80’s. Our products/tips have gone through rigorous testing before being presented to you so that you can keep your sneakers as clean as possible.

REDS is simply short for ReDeadstock.

We produce high quality, all natural cleaning products for sneakers and shoes. Our goal is to meet the needs of today’s demand in the sneaker market by offering high-quality, tested & proven products. ReDeadstock offers solutions for your shoe cleaning and shoe conditioning needs. We are your one stop shop for sneaker care.