ReDeadstock Suede / Nubuck Cleaning Guide

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Suede and light colored nubuck has always been an extremely popular material for sneakers. Unfortunately, cleaning these materials has always been extremely challenging.

When cleaning suede, always avoid getting it wet when possible. You can try using a suede eraser. If that doesn’t work, try brushing it out without solution first. Use softer to stronger brushes to test effectiveness. Lastly, you can use ReDeadstock Elite sneaker cleaner, but use as little solution/water as possible, and test on a small spot first.

If the color of the suede bleeds you should only use dry cleaning methods. If it does not bleed, use ReDeadstock Elite+ brush to brush on a small amount of cleaner in a circular motion, dab dry with our microfiber towel, and use our Sole Brush, to brush back our the suede to reset the nap as it dries.

You always want to treat suede extra carefully, and treat every dirt/stain uniquely. If you have a question, reach out to us by tweeting us @ReDeadstock.