How to use the ReDeadstock cleaning system

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Welcome to the ReDeadstock cleaning system. You can view the video here, and/or reference our steps below.

Step 1: Fill a container with enough water to dip the brush bristles

Step 2: Add 3 generous squeezes of ReDeadstock cleaning solution to the water

Step 3: Dip the brush in the water and swirl to disperse solution

Step 4. Use the brush to scrub sneakers in a circular motion until foaming occurs

(Repeat steps 1-4 until your desired results are achieved)

Step 5: Use ReDeadstock microfiber cloth to wipe off excess soapĀ and water

Step 6: Allow sneakers to air dry from remaining moisture


Always keep these tips in mind when cleaning:

  1. Take a “lighter to stronger” approach. Use a soft bristle brush first, use as little water as possible, don’t scrub too hard, and use non harsh solutions (like our Elite cleaner) to try and remove the dirt. If that does not work, use a harsher bristle brush, and stronger solutions. We do NOT recommend using a washing machine. That could overexpose your sneakers to water and wear beyond washing them clean.
  2. Test! It’s really important to test any solution on a small area first. Some materials like suede is extremely delicate and damages quickly with exposure to water. Test on a small spot to see how any solution will react before trying on the entire shoe.
  3. Use common sense! Although our solution is organic and safe, we don’t recommend playing submarine with your deadstock Air Yeezy’s in it. Nor do we recommend using our towel (or any towel) to harshly scrub the white mesh on your Concords.